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Waterproof, Sun-Proof and Breathable! Mountain City Outdoor! Spring and Summer Men's Foreign Trade Multi-pockets Hood Charge Outerwear

Waterproof, Sun-Proof and Breathable! Mountain City Outdoor! Spring and Summer Men's Foreign Trade Multi-pockets Hood Charge Outerwear

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Color classification


barnd: H (clothing accessories)

Clothing version: Straight type

Apparel craft: Non-iron treatment

Clothing hem design: Ben cloth hem

Basic style: Youth pop

Applicable objects: Youth

Sleeve type: Closing sleeve

Applicable scenarios: Leisure

Applicable season: Spring and summer

Thick and thin: common

Year of listing season: Spring 2023

Sleeve length: Long sleeves

Subdivision style: Tide

Collar type: Hooded

Total length: Regular model

How to wear: Outer wear

Pattern: Solid color

The first time I saw this jacket, I felt really handsome!

The ceiling design level of the outdoor mountain city series, which is popular nowadays, looks really handsome and tasty!

Brothers and sisters who like the mountain outdoor city functional style have only two words: must buy!

Tell the Truth

there are few jackets that can make the taste of mountain outdoors and city functions so right. At least I have made clothes for more than 10 years. I seldom see them!

About Style design

the original design of Japanese functional wind ancestor big coffee

domestic g Price 3799 sales volume and popularity are still high enough to show the popularity!

Front chest four super large three-dimensional pocket decoration design

in addition to the three-dimensional concave and convex feeling, it also has a strong wrinkle effect. The visual effect of the upper body is more full * more natural City functional style is stronger!

And each concave-convex pleated three-dimensional pocket is equipped with black seamless adhesive Waterproof YKK zipper

outdoor * Su and tooling design sense directly pull * grade directly in one step!

Then the cut pieces of these four pockets are used as the outer cover cloth and two large-capacity invisible oblique pockets are designed.

That is to say, the front of the whole garment has six large pockets.

Whether it is decorative design or practical, it is impeccable!

The placket is also a very high-end YKK double pull head glue pressing Waterproof zipper configuration

it can be opened up and down. The wearing effect is diversified and the experience is better!

Overall version Loose three-dimensional cut one-piece Classic hooded jacket design

very good wrapping

can be modified all kinds of body defects tall, short, fat and thin can wear very inclusive!

Suitable for couples, both men and women look good on me

drunk large size can wear more than 240 jin fat GG upper body is also very handsome!

The neckline and hem are designed with adjustable elastic lock

outdoor * Su once again shows the practicality and diversity. The wearing effect has been greatly improved again!

It makes it easy for you to deal with different wearing scenes and give your body better protection under different climate and temperature conditions!

In addition, it is very creative to make a very large Waterproof zipper fake pocket decoration in the North

very creative Japanese functional style decoration * Plain

it is also a highlight detail different from 99% of other styles on the market.

For Japanese functional outdoor styles, many designs make people feel unpredictable but indispensable!

I won't say more about the style

enough highlights, enough features, enough surprises and differences

to sum up, it is beautiful and handsome!


professional outdoor technology fabric creates inner and outer double-layer composite

du's core technology

DRW four-tech functional support

really done: windproof Waterproof sun protection tear-proof upper body wearing breathable not stuffy

we are not here to play tricks on this functionality.

We have made direct reports of professional authority on every functional project.

Waterproof sun protection, wear resistance, no fading, all are quality inspection according to the latest national standards

and all meet the standards!

The surface layer is made of Japanese jin mouth * technology soft shell fabric

excellent Waterproof windproof functionality

lining composite is extremely rare in the market of cow X nano fiber high breathable Plaid patent grade material!

This kind of nano-fiber plaid with high air permeability lining cloth can only be seen occasionally on overseas commercial products of V series and outdoor products of Z family!

How high the cost is and how expensive the cost is. I don't say much here. You can understand it by yourself!

A conclusion

light soft non-burden fabric windproof Waterproof UV-resistant lining breathable and comfortable

it can be called a multi-functional and practical jacket that can be worn in all seasons!

Details aspects:

the hat is also made by splicing three-dimensional cutting pieces.

Better performance of wrapped windproof Waterproof

to a large extent, reduce the possibility of rain pouring in in bad weather to ensure that the head is in a dry, breathable and comfortable state!

Cuff design elastic elastic support better wrapping

the whole lining has been processed with 360 degrees no dead angle wrapping process

you can't find even a thread in the whole piece of clothes. This is what really high-end goods should look like!

This is an indispensable outdoor hiking, wading, fishing, camping, Waterproof sun protection, high-functional outdoor practical jacket!

This is also an indispensable practical equipment such as night running and morning running in the gym!

I recommend that you like sports, like outdoor, and like urban functional models, you must buy it

whether it is technical functionality, appearance design, quality craft and cost performance

this model basically belongs to the benchmark level that is hard to be surpassed!

Size bust size shoulder Sleeve length front length
M 126 77.5 70
L 130 79 72
XL 134 80.5 74
2XL 138 82 76
3XL 142 83.5 78

tile size and * suggestions are for reference only, and the error within 1-2cm is within the normal range, especially elastic fabrics and knitted products.

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